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Are You Getting Enough Vitamin D? (77% of Americans Aren't

While vitamin D deficiency is rare, studies show that over 70% of Americans don't get the recommended amount each day. Here's how to find out if you need it.

Vitamin D plays a few very important roles in the body — it supports bone health, cardiovascular function, and the immune system. According to a 2011 study, over 70% of Americans get less than the daily recommended amount of vitamin D. We’ve worked with doctors, researchers, and experts in traditional medicine to help you figure out if you’re likely getting enough and what to do if you need more.

What’s the deal with D?

Vitamin D plays an important role in the body. We need it to absorb minerals like calcium and phosphorus, which support for bone health. Clinical research has shown that it promotes cardiovascular function and long term heart health. It has also been linked to immune system support. It’s essential for your long term health to get enough each day: the NIH recommends 600 IUs for adults daily.

Why people don’t get enough

While some vitamin D is present in some foods like fatty fish, beef liver, and egg yolks, the best source of vitamin D is direct sunlight. Our bodies actually produce vitamin D through UV exposure to our skin (cool, right?). However, many people don’t get enough exposure to direct sunlight as they would need to meet their needs.

If you’re not sure that you’re getting enough vitamin D through your diet, our quiz makes it easy to find out. Answer a few questions about your diet and lifestyle, and we’ll recommend the vitamins you need.

How to you know if you’re getting enough

The body produces vitamin D from sun exposure, so a number of factors impact the ability to get necessary levels. Regional factors are a big one: cloud cover, weather patterns, smog, and the angle with which sunlight hits the earth all can impact sun exposure. It can be hard for people that live in northern cities to get enough too, especially from November to March.

Don’t worry if you’re not positive — we’ve got an easy quiz that can help you figure out if you’re getting enough sun exposure. Tell us where you live and how much time you spend outside, and we’ll recommend the right vitamins for you.

What to look for in a supplement

If you’re not getting enough vitamin D through your daily life, supplementation is a great way to fill in the gaps. Look for a supplement made with vitamin D3, the form that the body produces naturally and absorbs best. Vitamins fermented with probiotics also help with absorption — and are easier on the digestive system, too. Our vitamin D3 is fermented with probiotics, yeast, and organic foods — plus we’ll deliver it to you in convenient daily packs, so you always know you’re getting the recommended amount each day. We can also recommend any other vitamins you might not know you’re missing. Take our quiz to see what vitamins and supplements will fill in the gaps for you.

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