Better digestion is linked to better overall health and mental clarity. Supporting your digestive system with these supplements can go a long way.


Our specialty supplements are sourced from the best natural environments and made from clean production practices.

Digestive Enzymes

• Blend of 7 enzymatic strains
• High digestive impact
• Manufactured in the U.S.
• Beneficial for digestive health*

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1 capsule per day

Quick Sticks

You’ve taken your vitamins, but you want a little something….extra. Enter: Quick Sticks, filled with targeted nutrients to boost specific health concerns. Whether you are trying to chill out, power up, or catch some zzz’s, Quick Sticks are the fast, tasty way to boost your health.

Gut Check

• Promotes healthy digestion*
• Contains B. longum BB536 & B. animalis subsp. lactis
• Blueberry flavored
• Made in Denmark

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5 sticks