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These vitamins and supplements can help you achieve consistent energy levels to power your day.


Vitamins are compounds of essential nutrients that our bodies need for healthy functioning. They are found in the foods we eat and, in the case of vitamin D, the sun we absorb.

Most vitamin supplements on the market are in 'isolate' form, where the capsule contains only the isolated compound. We ferment ours to convert them into a complex form, where they resemble the vitamins you get from real food and are easier to digest.

Vitamin B12
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• Easy to digest
• Fermented for absorption
• Formulated for vegans
• Essential vitamin for energy production

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1 capsule per day
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• Fermented for absorption
• Cultured with whole foods
• Energy support
• Supports the nervous system

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1 tablet per day


Minerals are inorganic elements our bodies need to function properly, and you've probably seen them before on a periodic table. We need some of them in relatively large amounts, like calcium, and others in trace amounts, like zinc.

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• Chelated in Utah
• Vegan friendly
• Engineered for absorption
• Essential mineral for energy and cognitive function

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1 capsule per day


Herbal supplements are made from plants, some used for centuries for their therapeutic properties. They can help with a number of health goals, including energy and cognitive ability.

Our botanicals are sustainably sourced from the places where they are cultivated best to maximize potency, then extracted using clean extraction processes.

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• Adaptogenic herb
• From the Altai Mountains of Siberia & Russia
• A favorite of cosmonauts
• Supports a healthy response to occasional stress

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1 capsule per day