Getting enough sleep is essential for overall well-being. Make sure you're catching enough zzz's each night with these supplements.


Minerals are inorganic elements our bodies need to function properly, and you've probably seen them before on a periodic table. We need some of them in relatively large amounts, like calcium, and others in trace amounts, like zinc.


• From Irish seawater
• Includes 72 trace minerals
• High solubility
• Essential mineral for over 300 reactions in the body

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2 tablets per day

Quick Sticks

You’ve taken your vitamins, but you want a little something….extra. Enter: Quick Sticks, filled with targeted nutrients to boost specific health concerns. Whether you are trying to chill out, power up, or catch some zzz’s, Quick Sticks are the fast, tasty way to boost your health.

Dream Team

• Supports restful sleep*
• Helps reduce the effects of jet-lag*
• Contains melatonin
• Mixed berry flavor

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5 sticks