Stress less: these supplements can help regulate how your body responds to stressful stimuli.


Herbal supplements are made from plants, some used for centuries for their therapeutic properties. They can help with a number of health goals, including energy and cognitive ability.

Our botanicals are sustainably sourced from the places where they are cultivated best to maximize potency, then extracted using clean extraction processes.


• Ayurvedic, adaptogenic herb
• Harvested in India
• High concentration
• Helps relieve occasional stress and tension*

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1 capsule per day

• Adaptogenic herb
• From the Altai Mountains of Siberia & Russia
• A favorite of cosmonauts
• Supports a healthy response to occasional stress*

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1 capsule per day

Quick Sticks

You’ve taken your vitamins, but you want a little something….extra. Enter: Quick Sticks, filled with targeted nutrients to boost specific health concerns. Whether you are trying to chill out, power up, or catch some zzz’s, Quick Sticks are the fast, tasty way to boost your health.

Chill Factor

• Helps relieve occasional stress*
• Restores GABA, one of the brain’s most important regulators
• Lemonade flavor
• Manufactured in the USA

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5 sticks