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Everyone has a different path to personal health, and we're here to help you find yours. We believe in the power of technology, science, and human empathy to make the journey simpler. Let us help take care of you.

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Meet the founders

Craig Elbert and Akash Shah founded Care/of in New York City in 2016, possibly in Washington Square Park, but it's hard to tell exactly with these types of things.

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Akash Shah

Head of Product, Co-founder

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because a vegetarian diet isn't so much about the B-12

Img ashwagandha tile

because Ashwagandha + hip-hop is the ultimate way to de-stress

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Calcium Plus

because his dad, a doctor, emphasizes healthy bones

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Veggie Omega

because reimagining personal health requires brainpower

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Craig Elbert

CEO, Co-founder

Img rhodiola new tile

because his 1-year-old son requires him to have lots of energy

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Fish Oil

because, as an Iowan (repping Des Moines), he doesn't much like fish

Img magnesium tile

because launching a company requires stress & sleep management

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Vitamin D

because like many New Yorkers, he's been told he's deficient in it

Meet our team

The Care/of team brings together people passionate about: vitamins & supplements, personal health, design, technology, e-commerce, Pizza Fridays, and bowling... in no specific order. Learn more about what makes us unique.

A few fun facts

Our daily vitamin packs range from

Ic response recommendations allin

2 – 14

(Yep, Sheila has 14…)

Our favorite ways to de-stress:

Ic facts workout

Work out

Ic facts meditate
Ic facts happyhour
Happy hour
Ic facts gardening

The ones we take care of

Ic facts plant

32 plants

Ic facts cat
6 cats
Ic facts baby
3 kids & a baby
Ic facts dog
1 dog

Our top health goals

Ic topic energy

More energy (!)

Ic topic stress
Less stress
Ic topic heart
Healthy heart
Ic topic digestion
Better digestion

Want to join our team?