Five supplements to fortify your immune system this winter

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With shorter days and cooler temps ahead, make sure you’re getting the right nutrients to support your immune system.

What is the sidekick pack?

With shorter days and cooler temps ahead, make sure you’re getting the right nutrients to support your immune system, AKA your first line of defense. We could all use a little help, so this winter we designed the Sidekick, a convenient daily vitamin pack with all the essentials to support immunity — all for less than $2 a day. Plus, all our products are made with top notch ingredients, sourced sustainably from the places around the world where they grow best

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What's in the pack?

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Vitamin C

A powerful antioxidant, Vitamin C is consumed through a diet rich in raw fruits and vegetables like oranges and broccoli. If your diet is a little less colorful in winter, a Vitamin C supplement can help ensure you’re getting the daily recommended amount.

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Elderberry has been used traditionally for centuries in Europe, and recent research suggests it can help maintain a healthy immune system. We use a special extraction method to keep the berry as intact as possible, because we think nature did a pretty great job already.

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Probiotic Blend

Our probiotic blend is made up of two highly studied strains of “good bacteria” called L. acidophilus and B. lactis (say those five times fast). Growing research links GI health and immune health in particular, so we’re doing everything we can to support a happy gut.

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Garlic (yes, the kind you put on fries) has long been used in traditional medicine for centuries — it was even found in King Tutankhamun's tomb. Research shows its strong antioxidant properties help support the immune system.

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Zinc is an essential mineral for all sorts of different functions in the body, especially for the immune system. It’s most commonly found in foods like beef, lamb, and oysters, so people who don’t eat a lot of meat or seafood may want to consider supplementation.

How it works

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